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Dakota Homestead Title Insurance Company ("Dakota Homestead") was incorporated on November 3, 1993 and opened for business in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company was created to serve the abstracters, bankers, realtors, builders and lawyers involved in the title insurance industry in the State of South Dakota. Service was initially provided throughout the state's smaller counties as the large national underwriters began dropping their agents in the early 1990's. Once Dakota Homestead had proven its quality of service to the agents in the smaller counties, it began attracting agents from the larger counties as well. Since 1994 Dakota Homestead has secured agents in 56 of South Dakota's 66 counties, serving more agents than any other underwriter in South Dakota.

Nationwide Dakota Homestead is 1 of the 47 title insurance underwriters. Not the largest, in fact we are currently ranked 42nd in the nation by total revenue. But that's not a bad thing. Demotech, the company that rates the financial stability of insurance companies, states on their web site, "Small, well-managed title underwriters are more financially stable than larger highly leveraged underwriters." This statement has been proven by what happened during the recent housing crisis. In 2008 there were 94 title insurance underwriters, today there are 47. The housing crisis occurred and half the underwriters were no longer in business, including some of the top 10 companies. But not Dakota Homestead, we are secure, thriving and prosperous.

Dakota Homestead exemplifies the highest standards of operation and ethics in the title industry. Taking great pride in the fact that all of its agents strive to meet or exceed the standards as established by the American Land Title Association and the South Dakota Land Title Association. Every person working for Dakota Homestead, regardless of position or task, is expected to strive to maintain the high operational standards and ethical practices which Dakota Homestead prides itself on.