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D a k o t a    H o m e s t e a d    T i t l e    I n s u r a n c e    C o m p a n y

Dakota Homestead Title Insurance Company underwrites title insurance.   In other words we sell title insurance that insures you against attacks to the ownership of your property. Our insurance coverage covers both legal fees and any settlements, whichever is required.

When you purchase real property, improve property, lease property or settle an estate, you need title insurance.   But did you know that you legally have the option to pick your title insurance underwriter?   In South Dakota you could pick Dakota Homestead or one of the several large national underwriters that are available.   Since Dakota Homestead is contracted with the county land title agencies in 56 of the 66 South Dakota counties, chances are in South Dakota, Dakota Homestead may be an option for you.   And we want to help you with your title insurance needs.

We would just like you to consider a couple more things....

The South Dakotans' that work at Dakota Homestead know South Dakota and most importantly South Dakota property law and regulations.   They understand it better than any other company that provides title insurance in South Dakota, bar none.   These other title insurance underwriters are mostly large corporations that cover many states.  Not Dakota Homestead, we specialize in just one state, your state of South Dakota, and we're good at it.  In fact this specialization allows us to be experts in everything South Dakota.

As we are from South Dakota, we are smart about our business.   And, we are large enough to have created strong partnerships with reinsurance companies that also understand your title insurance needs in South Dakota, so you are covered on all your investments.

So the next time you deal with the title to South Dakota property - be it a home, farm, ranch, business or any other real property, we simply ask you to consider using Dakota Homestead.   It is easy to find us… all of us are right here in South Dakota.   Stop by or give us a call!   We would love to talk South Dakota with you…